CPQ classifies attributes as configuration attributes and price driving attributes when you define them. Attributes are marked as price driving when you define attribute-based pricing for any product. Otherwise, the attributes are considered as configuration attributes. Classifying the attributes enables CPQ to identify the attributes used in pricing computation and fetch only the required attributes while calculating prices. The classification of attributes also reduces the possibility of encountering governor limits while calculating asset pricing by enabling CPQ to only fetch the attribute relevant for calculation.

When you execute the Criteria Maintenance Batch job, the field Attribute Type in Product Attribute Member Type object of these attributes is automatically set to Pricing. You must manually update the Attribute Type field for attributes that are being used in in-flight proposals. 

To manually update attribute type as pricing

  1. Go to All Tabs > Product Attribute tab.
  2. Click on Attribute ID from the Attribute Types related list. Click Edit 
    Or click New Product Attribute Type Member to create a new entry. Product Attribute Type Member detail page is opened.
  3. Update the following fields:

    AttributeSearch and select an attribute. If you are editing, the attribute is automatically selected. 
    Product Select the product associated with the attribute for pricing
    Attribute TypeSelect Pricing to indicate that the attribute drives the price.
  4. Click Save.