Product comparison allows you to compare features of multiple products on the catalog page enabling you to narrow down to products that best fit your customer's needs.

To compare multiple products

  1. On the Catalog page, select more than one product to compare.
  2. Click Compare Products.

A Product Compare page appears listing the selected products and its features in the tabular form. You can show/hide the products to display on the comparison page.

  • The system indicates the number of products that you have chosen to compare inside parenthesis on the Compare button. This helps you keep a counter of the number of products chosen for comparison on different pages on the catalog page. After product selection, the system also indicates how many products you have chosen for comparison, as 'n' selected. The products can be chosen from different categories also.
  • You can remove a product from the selection by clicking  icon adjacent to each product.
  • The products are listed in the Compare Products selection dialog box based on the order of your selection and not in an alphabetical order.

To go back to the catalog page, click Return to Catalog.

The Return to Catalog button now takes you back to the last category that you had browsed for product selection. For example, you had selected Product 1 from Category A and Product 2 from Category B. Once you are on the Product Comparison page, clicking Return to Catalog takes you to Category B and the catalog page (containing all the categories).