Cart Activity History records the updates you make to product configuration. CPQ adds an entry to the Activity History when you create, finalize, and reconfigure the product configuration. It helps you track the changes made to the product configuration. You can choose to disable the generation of such history, if not needed. You can use the Admin Setting APTS_DisableCartActivityHistory to disable the creation of entries in the Activity History. If you create and enable this setting, CPQ does not add entries when you create, finalize, or reconfigure a product configuration.

This setting does not impact the Activity History of Proposal and Agreement object.

To disable cart activity history

You must follow the steps below to configure this setting:

  1. Go to All Tabs > Admin
  2. Click New, to create a new record. The New Admin page is displayed.
  3. Fill the following details

    Valuetrue or false
    CodeLeave the field blank
  4. Click Save.