1. On App Menu, click Conga CPQ Admin and then click the CPQAdmin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. Click the more icon () on the top-right corner and select Application Management.
  3. Click Lookup Field Settings.
  4. Click New Lookup Field.
  5. Configure the following details.

    NameSpecify the name for the custom setting.
    Object Name

    Select one from the dropdown menu.

    • Collaboration Request
    • Line Item
    • Product Attribute
    Lookup Field Name

    Select the name of the field from the dropdown menu. The values are populated based on the Object you select.

    This is the lookup field containing values such as Enterprise, Standard, and Premium.

    Filter Criteria

    Enter a valid expression to further filter down the search results for a lookup. The field size is 256 characters.

    Example: Product__c=Apttus_Config2__ProductAttributeValue__c.Product_Id__c

    This will fetch only such attributes whose IDs match with the selected products. Here, the ProductId is a custom formula field which fetches the Product Id of the Line Item object.

    Lookup Display Columns

    Select the fields to be displayed on the lookup dialog box.

    Lookup Record Limit

    Click the icon, enter the maximum number of records to query for the lookup field dropdown, and click Save. Default value is 200 to a maximum of 1000.

    Junction Object Name

    Click the icon, enter the name of the junction object which you would like to filter the lookup values, and click Save. This is a custom object that you can define to filter the values which do not exist on the Lookup Object itself.

    Junction Field Name

    Click the icon, enter the name of a field on the junction object which you would like to filter the lookup field by, and click Save.

    Junction Default Flag

    Click the icon, enter the name of a field API from the Junction object to determine the default value of a lookup field, and click Save. This field must be a checkbox.

    Filter Criteria 2

    This field is not available in the CPQ Admin UI. You must use Setup > Build > Develop > Custom SettingsLookup Field Settings to configure it.