Pricing profiles and batching price calculations enable you to specify the type of pricing configured so that CPQ can optimize run time price calculations.

The following two custom settings control this behavior:

  • Pricing Profile
  • Pricing Batch Size

You can specify the Pricing Profile as Basic or Advanced.

By definition, a pricing profile is Basic, if:

  • There are no pricing rules used
  • There are no price matrices used
  • There are no related pricing setup
  • There are no bundles

At present, CPQ supports only two pricing profiles: Basic and Advanced. If the Pricing Profile field is left blank, the default value is Advanced. If the Pricing Profile is Basic and Defer Pricing check box is selected, the performance can be improved by executing price calculations in batches. To enable and control batching of price calculations, use the Pricing Batch Size field.

The Pricing Batch Size setting defines the number of line items that can be processed in a single pricing call. Setting the Pricing Batch Size, the system runs pricing with the specified number of products as a batch, thus increasing performance. These batch calls to the database is governed by Salesforce CPU time limit and hence the number assigned for Pricing Batch Size has to be carefully evaluated.

These two system properties are global and affect the entire CPQ implementation in an Org. You must ensure that all the products have only Basic pricing configured as defined above.

To set up pricing profile and pricing batch size

  1. In CPQ Console, go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage for Config System Properties, and click Edit.
  3. Select Defer Pricing.

    To use PricingProfile and PricingBatchSize, DeferPricing must always be selected.

  4. For Pricing Profile, type Basic or Advanced.

    If this field is left blank, the default value is Advanced.

  5. For Pricing Batch Size, type a value.

    If this field is left blank, the default value is 1.

  6. Click Save.

Pricing is performed as defined in Pricing Profiles and batches as defined in Pricing Batch Size.