Product Sorting enables the Sales rep to sort products on the Catalog page. The Catalog page is by default sorted in ascending order of Product Name, the Sales rep can change that in the Sort drop-down. The Sales rep can select to sort the product in either ascending or descending order of the field.  In Sort drop-down on the Catalog page, two options are provided by default:

  • Product Name Ascending
  • Product Name Descending

You can add two more fields in the drop-down by defining the fields in Product Sorting Fields in Config System Properties. Each field you define in Product Sorting Fields has two entries in the Sort drop-down on the Catalog page, one for ascending order and other for descending order of the products.

Defining Product Sorting Fields

You can define a maximum of two additional fields in Product Sorting Fields to be displayed in the Sort drop-down apart from the field Product Name.  Product Name is added by default. If you add more than two API names in Product Sorting Fields then only the first two values are displayed in the Sort drop-down.

To Define Product Sorting Fields

  1. Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage next to Config System Properties.
  3. Click Edit next to System Properties.

  4. In Product Sorting Fields, enter the API names of the fields from Product object to display the Sort drop-down. You can define a maximum of two fields at a time. You can add fields only from the Product object with the following data types:
    • Text
    • Number
    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • Time
    • Date/Time
    • Picklist
    • Currency

      An example of how the API name fields are added to the Product Sorting Fields is shown below:

  5. Click Save.