The Quick Quote feature allows Sales reps to create a simple quote with fewer clicks from opportunity. The Sales rep can directly go to the Catalog page from Opportunity, configure products, and finalize the cart without having to create a proposal in turn reducing the number of clicks. Quick Quote feature is especially meant for creating budgetary quotes where Sales Reps can begin the quoting process by populating the quote header with limited values.    

To enable the Quick Quote feature, you must create and add a custom button to the opportunity layout. CPQ populates the critical header fields in the new quote based on the parameters passed in the formula of the button. You can define variable or static parameters. In the case of variable parameters, CPQ retrieves the values from opportunity. You can use the following parameters in the URL as described:

FieldsRequiredURL ParameterDescription
Opportunity IDYesbusinessObjectIdAdd the ID of the opportunity to the URL.
Price ListYespriceListId

Add the ID of the price list to the URL. You must use one of the following ways to pass the price list.

  • Add a static value of the price list ID the URL. This is applicable when the quotes are always created with a fixed price list.
  • Create a Price List lookup field on the Opportunity object and a formula field to store the ID of the selected price list. Pass this formula field value in the URL.
AccountYesNAThis field is copied by default.
Expected Start DateNoexpectedStartDateYou must create the field on the Opportunity object with datatype as Date and add the field in the URL.
Expected End DateNoexpectedEndDateYou must create the field on the Opportunity object with datatype as Date and add the field in the URL.
Existing Configure Products URL parametersNo
  • flow
  • useAdvancedApproval
  • asyncFinalize
  • deferPricingUntilCart
Add the parameters based on your business needs.

The custom fields with the same API name, that are common between both opportunity and quote are also populated.

To create a quick quote custom button on Opportunity

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Buttons, Links, and Actions. 
  2. Click New Button or Link.
  3. Fill in the details as explained below. 

    LabelEnter the name of the button. For example, Create Quick Quote.
    NameThis field is populated automatically when you click the text box.
    DescriptionEnter a description for the button.
    Display TypeSelect Detail Page Button.
    BehaviorSelect the behavior based on where you want to display the button
    Content SourceSelect URL.
  4. In the Code Snippet block, type the following:


    Ensure that you enter the name of your Flow setting in the flow parameter in the above formula. In our example, it is QuotingCartGrid.

  5. Click Save

To add the quick quote button

After you create the custom button, add the Quick Quote custom button to the layout of the opportunity.

  1. Click Page Layouts and click Edit for the page layout to which you want to add the Create Quick Quote button.
  2. From Buttons in the Layout configuration window, select Create Quick Quote and drag and drop it onto the page layout.
  3. Click Save in the Layout configuration window.

Create Quick Quote button is added and saved onto the page layout.

For more information on creating a quick quote, see Creating Quick Quotes.