The Save as Favorite feature allows the sales rep to save a cart configuration for reuse. The saved configuration can be used multiple times in the same quote or across different quotes. A saved configuration includes all the selected products on the cart with the options and attributes defined within the product. The configuration can be public for all the sales reps or private to the sales rep who saved the configuration.

As an administrator, you can use various functionalities to configure the Save as Favorite feature to control the usage of the feature by the sales reps. Following functionalities are available to you to configure Save as Favorite feature.

To disable the Save as Favorite feature

By default, the feature is enabled. You can disable the feature globally or selectively apply permission to individual user or profile. Disabling the feature only disables the feature icon on the Cart page. To disable Favorite feature globally follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Events > Custom Settings.
  2. Find Config Select Product Setting and click Manage next to the setting. 
  3. Click Edit next to Primary Settings.
  4. Select Disable Favorite.
  5. Click Save.

As a result of following the steps above the Save as Favorite icon() on the Cart page is disabled. 

You can also control which user or profile can use Favorite Feature by defining access permissions for a user or profile.

To define permissions to use Save as Favorite feature

The administrator must define proper access permissions for user profiles to use Save as Favorite Feature. Otherwise, the user cannot see the Save as Favorite feature on the Cart page. Follow the steps below to define access permissions for the user.

  1. Go to Setup> Administrator Setup> Manage Users> Profiles.
  2. Find the profile for which you want to set permissions and click Edit.
  3. Find Favorite Configuration under the section Custom Object Permissions.
  4. Select one or more permission from the list below to define access for the profiles.

    NameImpact on the Cart Page

    A disabled Save As Favorite button or a star icon ( ) is displayed on the Cart page.

    CreateThe Save As Favorite button is enabled on the Cart page.
    EditThe Sales rep can view and import Favorites configuration saved by others on the Catalog page when you define Edit permission
    DeleteDelete option is enabled for Favorites on the Catalog page.

    If you do not select any permission, the Favorite feature is disabled on the Cart page. 

  5. To enable Publish button on the Cart page, find Published Favorite under Custom Object Permissions and select Create.
  6. Click Save

Based on the permissions you define here, the sales rep can use different functionality available to them.

To hide scope field in Save as Favorite pop-up on the Cart

Follow the steps below to hide the Scope field.

  1. Go to Setup. From the Manage Users drop-down, select Profiles.

  2. Select a custom Profile.

    You can only edit these permissions for a custom profile.

  3. Under the Field-level Security section find Favorite Configuration and click View
  4. Click Edit
  5. To hide the Scope field clear the checkboxes Read Access and Edit Access.
  6. To make the Scope field visible to the profile select the checkboxes Read Access and Edit Access.
  7. Click Save.

The above action hides or displays the Scope field for a specific profile. When the Scope field is visible, the users can save a configuration record as Public or Private by selecting from the picklist. Otherwise, the configuration record is saved as Private.

Categorization of Favorite Configuration

CPQ provides sales rep the ability to categorize the saved configuration using pre-defined filters. These fields are displayed on Save as Favorite pop-up on the Cart page while saving the configuration. The fields in the filter are of picklist and multi-select picklist type that you must create in the Favorite Configuration object to use as filters. Any existing picklist or multi-select picklist fields can also be used, except for Scope. If you define default values or make the fields required, they are honored on the pop-up as well. Only the first five fields that you define are displayed on the pop-up. 

To define filters to save a configuration

Follow the steps below after creating picklist or multi-select picklist type fields in Favorite Configuration object.

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Events > Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage next to Config System Properties setting.
  3. Click Edit next to System Properties.
  4. Find FavoriteFilters and enter the API names of picklists you created, separated by comma or a new line.
  5. Click Save.