This section provides information on configuring currency rounding in pricing calculations. This feature rounds adjustments before calculating the base price.


Enable Custom Rounding must be True. For more information, see Config System Properties in Configuring Custom Settings.

To configure currency rounding

Perform the following steps to configure currency rounding.

  1. In CPQ Console, go to Setup > Develop > Custom SettingsConfig System Properties > Manage.
  2. Click Edit next to System Properties
  3. In the Rounding Mode field, enter one of the following values.

    UPRounds the currency to the next number. For example, 21.2 is rounded to 22.
    DOWNRounds the currency to the previous number. For example, 21.8 is rounded to 21.
    HALF_UPRounds the currency to the next number if the decimal is equal to or greater than 5. For example, 21.5 to 21.9 is rounded to 22.
    HALF_DOWNRounds the currency to the previous number if the decimal is equal to or smaller than 5. For example, 21.1 to 21.5 is rounded to 22.
    HALF_EVENRounds the currency to the nearest even number. For example, 23.5 is rounded to 24 and 22.5 is rounded to 22.
  4. Click Save.