Transfer Pricing is the price at which two related parties perform business transactions between themselves. Every organization follows a regulatory guideline specific to their country to derive transfer prices for the products. This formula states one of the ways in which Transfer Pricing is calculated.

Transfer Pricing = Full Cost (sum of all fixed and variable costs) + Markups

Let's assume the Sales Rep exposes a currency field 'Manufacturing Cost' and sends collaboration request to another Factory user. 
Cost Model available with the Sales Rep

Cost NameValue

Cost Model with the Factory User

Cost NameValue
Manufacturing$70 (Cost of Raw Material + Labor)
Raw Material$30

The administrator needs to create a Transfer Map so that Sales Reps can send out a collaboration request. For this requirement, the Transfer Price Map would look as the following:

Source FieldApttus_Config2__Manufacturing__c
Source Charge TypeStandard Price
Target Cost ModelFactory Cost Model
Target FieldRequested_ManufacturingNetPrice__c
Target ObjectApttus_Config2__LineItem__c


  1. In CPQ Console, go to + (All Tabs) > select Cost Models.
  2. Select the required cost model.
  3. From the Transfer Prices related list, click New Transfer Price to create a Transfer Price mapping.
  4. Enter the following details and click Save.
Source FieldThe API Name of the field for which you want the pricing details.
Source Charge TypeMention the Charge Type of the Source Field, whether it is a Standard Price, License Fee, Subscription Fee or any other.
Target Cost ModelEnter the name of the destination Cost Model from which you want to get the price of a field.
Target FieldEnter the API Name of the field as given in the Target Cost Model.
Target Object

Enter the API Name of the Target Object which the Target Field is a part of.

For example, if the Target Field is 'Net Unit Price' and is defined on the Line Item object, the Target Object will be Apttus_Config__LineItem__c.


  1. Create a new Quote using price list.
  2. Click Configure Products button. Add products and go to Cart.
  3. Using the collaborator icon send the request to Factory User.
  4. Factory User receives the Collaboration Request. Applies adjustments or enters the price and clicks Submit For Merge. Please refer Assigning the configuration to the Collaborator or Queue for details.
  5. The Transfer price is set to copy Net Price from Collaborator's Quote to a cost type named "Cost From Factory" of requester's Quote.
  6. Open the requester's Quote. Go to Cart and click Merge in the Collaborator pop-up.
  7. Click Analyze Quote to analyze the product cost.