Category hierarchy defines the structure of the product catalog. You can build and maintain a category hierarchy on the Category page. You can add sub-categories (also known as nodes) to a category, add an image, reorder categories, and associate products, thus building a hierarchy. Most implementations will have an existing hierarchy.

You can create multi-level categories. For example: Home > Laptops > Model.


To build a Hierarchy

  1. On App Menu, click Conga CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Catalog menu, click Manage Catalog
  3. Search and click the category to open the category details page.
  4. The Category details page is displayed, which allows you to perform the following actions for the selected category.
    • Add or Edit a Sub-category
    • Remove a category
    • Associate Products
    • Reorder Categories
  5. Click Save

A category hierarchy is built. The hierarchy is visible on the left-hand side of the Category Manager page. After building the hierarchy, you must run the Category Maintenance batch job.

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