Cost Model is a container holding all Cost Types. As shown in the diagram, you can create n Cost Types for n number of Cost elements.

  1. In CPQ Console, go to + (All Tabs) > select Cost Models.
  2. Click New. The New Cost Model page is displayed.
  3. In the Cost Model field, enter a name for the cost model.
  4. Click Save.

Your cost model is created and you can start adding cost types.

Define Cost Types

Cost Types correspond to individual cost entities. You can define parent for a Cost Type thereby creating Cost Type hierarchies.

  1. From the Cost Types related list, click New Cost Type.
  2. Enter the following details and click Save:

    Cost TypeThe name for a Cost Type.
    LabelA Label differentiating the Cost Type.
    SequenceThe order for arranging hierarchies sequentially.
    Parent Cost TypeChoose a Parent Cost Type for the said Cost Type.
    Cost ModelRead-only field hat indicates the Cost Model associated to this Cost Type.
    Allow Manual AdjustmentIf selected, allows you to override costs on the Analyze Quote page. On clicking Reprice, the base price is recalculated with the new costs.
    CurrencyThe Currency specific to this Cost Type.
    Hide Child Cost Types in Price WaterfallIf selected, allows you to hide a cost category and its children from being displayed on the Analyze Quote page.