For the new products (bundle or sub-bundle), you can choose to display the options and attributes as inline or on a new Visualforce page. A new drop-down list, Config Type is introduced to indicate this enhancement for options and attributes.

When you associate attributes or options to your product, you can choose to select Inline or New Page.

  • Inline: The attributes and options can be configured on the configuration page.
  • New Page: A wrench icon is displayed near the bundle or sub-bundle product which has to be configured. When you click this icon, a new page is opened for configuration of options and attributes.

By default, Inline option is chosen for the new products, for both, options and attributes.

If you do not choose any option from the drop-down list, no attributes and options are loaded for your product.

This enhancement does not affect your existing product configurations and is applicable for the new products only.