Use cart locking when editing the cart to lock other sales representatives out of editing the cart. They can still access the cart in read-only mode. The cart is unlocked when the Sales rep currently editing the cart saves, finalizes, abandons, or closes the cart. Sales reps in read-only mode can only gain edit access after these operations are performed. Cart locking helps prevent data loss while a Sales rep is working on a configuration. You can use Enable Cart Locking for Concurrent Access in Config System Properties to enable cart locking.

If the cart is left idle by the Sales rep currently in edit mode for a predefined time limit, the cart is unlocked automatically. The cart is considered idle if the sales rep does not change line items. Changes include updating a value, or adding or deleting a line item. Other actions on the cart, such as updating cart views, viewing the totals, or applying filters, are not considered modifications to the line items, and time spent is counted as idle time. The time limit is defined in the Cart Edit Access Idle Timeout in Minutes config system property. After the time limit is exceeded the cart is unlocked allowing any Sales rep to open the cart in edit mode, locking the cart to the other Sales reps. If you do not define a time limit the cart remains locked until the Sales rep in edit mode does not saves, finalizes, abandons, or closes the cart.

To enable cart locking for concurrent access and setting an idle cart time limit

  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Config System Properties > Manage.
  2. Select Enable Cart Locking for Concurrent Access.
  3. Enter a number of minutes in Cart Edit Access Idle Timeout in Minutes.
  4. Click Save.

The Current User field in the Product Configuration object contains the ID of the user accessing the cart in the edit mode.