Price Ramps are enhanced pricing methods for service/subscription-based industry.

As an administrator, you must enable price ramps from the price list item details page. Once you enable price ramps, an end-user can create a price ramp for a product to spread pricing across time periods. The user can also create user quantity ramps to define different pricing across different quantities.

You cannot make a price list item rampable and tierable at the same time.

When you have applied Cumulative Range - Line Item price matrix on a product, if you create ramps for that line item, those ramps will have the matrix applied by default. Ramps will inherit the matrix from that line item. (If you create five ramps, all five ramps will have the matrix.)

To enable price ramps

You must have an existing price list item.

  1. On App Menu, click Apttus CPQ Admin and then click the CPQAdmin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Pricing menu, click Manage Price Lists. A list of existing price lists is displayed.
  3. Select a price list and click the PRICELIST ITEMS tab.
  4. Select an existing price list item, click the more icon (), and click Advanced.
  5. Click the MISCELLANEOUS tab.
  6. Select the Enable Price Ramps checkbox.
    The price becomes rampable for a product. After the price is rampable, you can create and save price ramps from the configuration page and the pricing cart page.

Support for Price Ramp on the Cart Grid UI

Cart Grid UI shows a Price Ramp icon. When you click the icon, it opens an Auto Ramp wizard if you have enabled auto cascade ramp setting on the PLI.