Product footnotes enable you to dynamically include static footnote content in your quote/proposal documents, based on the products that are included in the quote.

To include product footnotes in Proposal documents

  1. Login to X-Author Contracts, select the X-Author Templates tab and check out (or create a new) a proposal document template.
  2. Place the cursor in the template where you want the footnotes and click Insert Merge Fields.
  3. Select Lookup Fields, and then select Product Footnote Fields > Footnote > Text and click Insert Field. The merge field is entered into the document template.
  4. Click Check-In and ensure that Type is Proposal and that the selected Agreement Types also match those of the proposals you will use the template with.

When you Finalize your shopping cart and subsequently Preview or Generate the proposal document, you should see the text associated with the product footnotes — for the products included in the Line Items — displayed in the document.