You can create a CPQ formula field using a simple formula or using the Apttus Numeric Expressions Framework, so that you can use the formula field for configuring prices and adjustments. You can create a formula on any numeric or currency type of custom field on the line item object and use that formula as a dimension while calculating adjustments. Instead of providing the adjustment amount as a static number, you can use a CPQ formula to make the adjustment amount as a variable that is evaluated in run-time. You can use the CPQ formula field while creating a price ruleprice matrix, related pricing, and default pricing (as a list price).

For example, you can create a formula field on the Number of Beds field on the line item object as follow:

  • Name of the formula field: Auto_Pricing_FormulaPricing_NumericField
  • Business Object: Apttus_Config2__LineItem__c
  • Field: Number_of_Beds__c

You can use this formula field Auto_Pricing_FormulaPricing_NumericField in the Adjustment Amount Source field while creating a price matrix. If the Sales Representative enters 10 in the Number of Beds field, the value of the formula field is 10. CPQ populates the same value of 10 in the Adjustment Source Amount field.

To use numeric expressions while creating CPQ formula fields, you must add the Picklist value Expression, to the Picklist field Use Type. Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Formula Field (CPQ) > Use Type field.

  1. On App Menu, click Apttus CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Pricing menu, click Manage CPQ Formula Fields
  3. Click New Formula Field. The DETAILS tab is displayed.
  4. Enter the following details and click Save.
    1. Name: Enter a name for the formula field.
    2. Business Object: Select a business object on which you want to create the formula field.
    3. Description: Enter a description for the formula field.
    4. Usage: Select the type of usage for the formula. Supported values are:
      • Reference (default): If you select this option, the Formula field is displayed. 
      • Expression: If you select this option, the Expression field is displayed. 

    5. Formula: Enter a formula as a text.
    6. Expression: Click the expression lookup. The Edit Expression dialog box is displayed. Configure a formula using numeric expressions and click Ok. For more information, see Configuring Numeric Expressions.