In addition to managing prices for products using price lists and price list items, you can manage prices using pricing rules. Pricing rules manage special offers, discounts, and charges at either the line item level or the summary line item level. Many pricing rules can be associated to a Ruleset and through to products.

Price Rulesets are a mechanism to allow particular families, categories or groupings of products to have either line item pricing adjustments applied, or summary pricing adjustments applied. Typical examples of these are volume discounting rules or promotional pricing rules.

  • Creating Price Rulesets
    Price Rulesets allow for pricing adjustments across a range of products through price rules. Both line item pricing adjustments and summary pricing adjustments can be applied. For example: Discounting rules, promotional pricing, adjustments in aggregate based on a Product Family, and more.
  • Creating Price Rules
    You can associate multiple rules to a ruleset or through to a product. Price matrices can be defined in price rules as well as conditional price rules (rules that use boolean logic such as AND/OR). Price rules can be dimensional, which use similar concept as Price Matrices or Conditional, that relate to fields for pricing adjustments.