After generating a proposal document, it is presented to the trading partner. The system sends an email with the generated Quote attached. If the email is sent, the Approval Stage will be automatically be set to Presented. If you prefer to print or present the Quote a different way, you can manually set the Approval Stage to Presented.

To present a quote/proposal

The Approval Stage must be in Generated stage.

  1. Click Present. The Present Proposal page appears.
  2. Select the proposal document to be attached and click Next. The Send an Email page appears.
  3. Enter details as you would for an email and click Send. A confirmation popup appears. For more information on email templates and defining custom email templates, see Managing Email Templates. You can select an email template, attach additional files, and perform a spell check before sending an email. The system will prompt whether the email was sent.
  4. Click Yes.

You must add contact details in Account to present a quote.

The email is sent and the Approval Stage status changes to Presented. The Accept button is enabled.

After the quote has been accepted by the trading partner, click the Accept button.