This section describes the actions available at various stages of the proposal and their significance.

These actions are fields and they are configurable by the System Administrator per your business process requirements.

Configure Products

DescriptionStarts a new configuration process for the Quote, or reconfigure an existing set of products on the Quote.
AvailabilityIf approval stage is Draft.

Generate Proposal

DescriptionGenerates a Proposal document and attaches it to the Quote/Proposal record.
AvailabilityAlways Available if Ready to Generate is set to true.

Present Proposal

DescriptionPresents the attached document to the Quote to the end customer through an email.
AvailabilityAlways Available if Ready to Present is set to true.

Accept Proposal

DescriptionAccept refers to an end customer Accepting the final proposal. This button synchronizes all Summary lines with the Opportunity Products for the Related Opportunity.
AvailabilityIf approval stage is Presented.

Make Primary

DescriptionSets this Quote to primary and all other Quotes for the Opportunity non Primary. Also enables the Synchronize with Opportunity button.
AvailabilityIf Primary flag is false.

Synchronize with Opportunity

DescriptionSynchronizes the finalized quote with the Opportunity, each time the cart is Finalized. If you are using automatic synchronization, you should remove this from the page layout.
AvailabilityIf Primary flag is true.

Create Agreement with Line Items

DescriptionOnce accepted, the final step is to create the contract.
AvailabilityIf approval stage is Accepted.