This method allows you to run the Category maintenance for a single category. This is applicable to only those categories which have products associated to them. You can invoke this API when a user clicks Update View button in the Category Hierarchy.

updateCategoryViewstatic Id updateCategoryView(Id hierarchyId)
Request Parameter

This is the ID of the category hierarchy record.

Response Parameter


The ID of the Batch Job run.

Code sample

The code described below is used to run the Category Maintenance after you associate new products or modify the existing products under a category. You can also use this API when associate a Price List Item to a Category, under the related list, Price List Category. This method takes up the ID of the category hierarchy record and returns the Batch job ID after success.

public void updateCategoryView(String categoryName)
	List<Apttus_Config2_ClassificationName_c> categoryList = [SELECT ID FROM Apttus_Config2_ClassificationName_c WHERE Name =: categoryName];
	String hierarchyId = categoryList[0].ID;
	ID apexBatchJobId = Apttus_CpqApi.BatchUpdateService.updateCategoryView(hierarchyId);
	ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(, 'Apex Batch Job Id : ' + apexBatchJobId));