You can apply a percentage discount on the base price where CPQ applies the percentage discount to the product's unit price after applying the auto-adjustments from price matrices, price rules, and promotions. If currency rounding after each step is enabled, CPQ rounds off the adjustment and applies the unit price before calculating the new net price.

Standalone Product

This use case shows how CPQ applies % Discount Off Base in comparison with % Discount, on a standalone product. The currency rounding is set to 2 decimal places.

% Discount% Discount Off Base
Product NameStandalone AStandalone A
List Price9.999.99
Base Price9.999.99
Base Extended Price 999.00999.00
Option Price

Flat Option Price

Extended Price999.00999.00
Adjustment Type% Discount% Discount off Base
Adjustment Amount 10.0010.00
Adjusted Price899.10899.00
Net Price899.10899.00

In case of % Discount Off Base, CPQ applies the discount to the base price first, rounds the currency, and then multiplies by quantity and term. Hence, you observe the following difference:

Bundle product

This use case compares how CPQ applies % Discount off Base with % Discount on a bundle product. 

How % Discount WorksHow % Discount Off Base Works
Product NameBundle AOption OPOption FOPBundle AOption OPOption FOP
List Price9.990.990.999.990.990.99
Base Price9.990.990.999.990.990.99
Base Extended Price 999.0099.0099.00999.0099.0099.00
Option Price99.00


Flat Option Price99.00


Extended Price10998.0099.0099.0010998.0099.0099.00
Adjustment Type% Discount

% Discount off Base

Adjustment Amount 10.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.00
Adjusted Price9,898.2099.0099.0010,898.0099.0099.00
Net Price9,898.2089.1089.1010,898.0099.0099.00

CPQ only applies the % Discount Off Base to the base price of the bundle product (similar to a bundle-only adjustment).