This section describes the renewal process for a bundle asset. The Asset 'ABO Budle1_AS' with 3 different charge types has 2 Options- Option1 and Option2. On the cart, Option1 is selected with 6 months and 3 months of validity for corresponding charge types.

If you deselect required options on the Configuration page, CPQ displays an error message and selects the options back after the pricing calculation is complete.

The cart is finalized and an order is generated. You can see the Asset Line Items on the Quote/Proposal or from the Account.

Let us see how this Asset is renewed based on the Renewal Option of Retaining the Asset End Date.

Deriving Start and End Dates

For renewal transactions, Asset Start Date will always be the Current Asset End Date + 1.  

In this renewal option, Asset End Date will be the date derived from adding the Selling Term to the new Asset Start Date.

Before Renewal

AssetStart DateEnd Date
ABO Bundle1_AS07/26/201607/25/2017
Option1 (Different Charge Type)07/26/201610/25/2016

The Asset Status on the Installed Products page is Activated.

After Renewal

AssetStart DateEnd Date
ABO Bundle1_AS07/26/201707/25/2018
Option1 (Different Charge Type)10/26/201601/25/2017

The Asset Status on the Installed Products page is Pending Renewal. When you confirm and go to the Cart page, the Status changes to Renewed.