When you are selecting items from the Product Catalog, Refine Your Search enables you to narrow the list of products to those that match your search filter questions.

Search filters are associated with categories, so that the Refine Your Search questions may change when you select different product categories. The questions are also found in the product record, which is how the Product list gets refined. When you select an answer to a question and that answer matches the answer on the product record, that product is included in the filtered Product list. For more information, see About Refine Your Search..

For a product to be displayed on the Catalog page, it must match all of the selected Refine Your Search criteria.

To refine your Search

You must have configured Custom fields for each search question.

  1. Select a Quote/Proposal and click Configure Products.
  2. On the Catalog page, search for a product. Based on your selected category, all the products are listed in the Product Catalog section.
  3. The Refine Your Search window displays the search filter questions. Select a value to answer the questions that best match your requirements, and based on your selection, the list of products are further filtered to narrow down the list.

The displayed products list will refresh to only display those products which match the search criteria. Products must match all criteria to be displayed.

Additional selections you make in the Refine Your Search window will further filter the products list.