The Manage Rollups page in the CPQ Admin user interface holds all the existing rollup type numeric expressions that you created. You can search, open, update, or create rollups from the Manage Rollups page. In CPQ Admin, Go to the Products tab and from the dropdown click Manage Rollups. A list of all the existing rollups is displayed with the fields Rollup NameActive, Update Field and Is Modifiable. There are various functionalities available for you to manage rollups.

Rollup Details

You can search for a rollup on the Manage Rollups page using the Search Rollups bar. You must search using any keyword that the rollup name contains. Click the rollup name to view the related information on the Details page. The fields like Name, Update ObjectUpdate FieldValue Expression and, Operator are displayed on the Details page. You can update the rollups on this page as well.

New Rollups

You can create new rollups using the New Rollup button on the Manage Rollups page and Details page of the rollups.

To create new rollups

Follow the steps below to create new rollups.

  1. Click New Rollup. The Details page is displayed.
  2. Fill in the following information in the fields displayed on the Details page. Because you are creating rollups from the Manage Rollups page, only the values relevant to rollups are displayed in the dropdown of the fields listed below.

    NameEnter the name of the rollup
    ActiveToggle the button to the right-hand side to activate the rollup
    Is ModifiableToggle the button to the right-hand side to enable editing of the rollup
    Expression TypeThis field is populated by default with the value Rollup.
    Expression ContextSelect the value Rollup from the dropdown. 
    Source ObjectSelect the value Line Item from the dropdown.

    Select one of the following values from the dropdown:

    • Header Level: to display rollups on all products that have rollup fields and are added to the cart
    • Product: to display rollup on specific products that have rollup fields. Add the names of the products.
    • Product Group: to display rollup on the products added to the cart, that are part of a product group and have rollup fields defined. Add the name of the product group.
    Filter Expression

    Enter the filter expression. Use the expression builder to create a formula.

    Update ObjectThis field is populated by default with the value Line Item Rollup
    Update FieldSelect the field in which you want to display the rollup.
    OperatorSelect an operator from the dropdown.
    Value ExpressionEnter the value expression. Use the expression builder to create a formula.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the menu icon () next to the New Rollup button. Click Update Field Expression Criteria Fields to execute the batch job.