This custom setting holds information about custom actions displayed in, for example, Installed Products view, Cart view.

Action Area

Enter a value to select the action display area. Valid values are Left, Right, Center, and More. The value More indicates that the action is displayed under More button.

Action Label Name

Enter the name of the custom label for the action.

Action NameEnter the API name for the action.
Action PageEnter the name of the custom action page. You can implement a custom action either as a Visualforce page or as a custom class.
Action ParamsEnter the URL parameters for the action. You can pass multiple parameters by using the ampersand character to separate each parameter. Each parameter is expressed in the form param-name=param-value. For example, templateName=XYZ&draft=true
Action Style Class

Enter the style class name for the action.

Action TypeEnter the action type.
Always Display

Select this setting to display the action (grayed out) even when it is not enabled.

BehaviorEnter the behavior that the open page action takes.
Display As

Enter the action, task, or both to display the action on a page as action button or task.

Display Type

Enter the action display type. Valid values are:

  • Cart Line Item
  • Asset Line Item
FlowEnter the flow associated with the action.
Is Enabled

Select this setting to enable the action for the display.


Enter a number for the action display sequence.