In the product catalog, you can see the list of products that a vendor offers. Using this list, you can add a product to your cart, configure the product attributes, such as color and memory. If the product is a bundled product, you can select the options with which you want to bundle your product. This section lists the scenarios using which the customer can view the configuration options for a product.

When you configure and add products to your cart, you can do the following:

  • Show Product / Bundle Details
  • Create Cart (Create Quote first and then Cart for the Quote)
  • Configure Bundles 
  • Add Single Product to Cart
  • Add Multiple Products to Cart
  • Show Recommendations for Selected Product
  • Show Validation and other messages
  • Auto-Include Products 
  • Delete single product from Cart
  • Delete Multiple products from Cart
  • Apply any constraint rules related to Cart
  • Remove any constraint rules for a deleted product.

To add products and apply constraint rules in the cart

  1. Create a cart using createCart.
  2. Add products and options to the cart using addBundle , addMultiProducts, or Adding Options to a Bundle.
  3. Associate constraint rules for the added products, by querying the right set of rules, using associateConstraintRules.
  4. Apply constraint rules to the products in the cart using applyConstraintRules.
  5. View the results of applying the constraint rules using getConstraintRuleResult. If the results return NeedMoreProcessing, then applyConstraintRules must be run again. 

To delete products and apply constraint rules for deleted line items

  1. Delete products from the cart using removeBundle or Removing Multiple Bundles from a Cart
  2. Remove constraint rules for a deleted product using Applying Constraint Rules to Deleted Products
  3. View the results of removing the constraint rules using getConstraintRuleResult.