This is the standard Salesforce Custom Settings page that lists all the legacy custom settings you may require to fulfill your specific business requirements. You can access these settings from Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings. Click Manage next to the setting you want to configure. In the case of Config System Properties and Installed Product Settings,  you can configure certain fields differently for different flows, refer to Configuring Custom Settings for Different Flows.

Custom settings are executed in an order of precedence. For more information, refer to About Custom Setting Order of Precedence.

After you define or modify any custom setting, execute Custom Settings Maintenance Job.

You must execute Custom Settings Maintenance Job after you update any Custom Settings. The changes you make are only effective if you execute the maintenance job. Otherwise, all the computations are processed with stale values.  Refer to the Running Maintenance Jobs topic.

Some of the custom settings listed in this section may require you to contact Conga Support or Professional Services to guide you through using these settings for specific business use cases.

In your org, you may see custom settings that are not listed in this document—these custom settings are not functional and are marked as Deprecated (D).