Express Proposal provides a single place for a sales representative to finalize the cart, select a template and generate the quote, email the document to the customers, and mark the quote as presented, in one place. The feature is invoked upon the click of the Express Quote button on the Catalog or Cart page, which must be added by configuring Display Action Settings in Config Settings. CPQ executes the following tasks when the Sales rep clicks the Express Quote button:

  • Finalize the proposal in asynchronous mode.
  • Generate the proposal in the desired template in PDF format.
  • Email the proposal to the quote owner.
  • Mark the proposal as presented.

You can configure the feature in either:

  • Single-click mode: to execute the abovementioned tasks automatically or
  • Prompt mode: to prompt the Sales rep to modify the task execution on a popup.

You can use the showDetails parameter in the Action Page column to drive the mode in which feature is executed. CPQ executes the feature differently for a different value of the showDetails parameter, which is described in the table below:

Value of showDetails parameters ModeDescription
false or blank


CPQ invokes the Express Quote feature in single-click mode, where the tasks are executed automatically without displaying the popup on the page where the sales rep clicks the Express Quote button. In this case, CPQ uses the default template from Default Template Name in Proposal System Properties, or a template filtered by query template filters to generate the document in PDF format and sends the email to the quote owner.

If no default template is defined or the query template filters returns multiple templates in result, CPQ displays the Express Quote popup. 

truePromptCPQ invokes the Express Quote feature in Prompt mode and displays the Express Quote popup on the page where the Sales rep can select document generation templates, add email recipients, and mark the proposal as presented.

For more information on where to add the Express Quote button and define the showDetails parameter, see Configuring Display Action Settings.

For more information on how to use the express proposal, see Using Express Proposal.