Price Pipeline Ruleset allows pricing adjustments across a range of products through price rules. Price Pipeline Ruleset manages adjustments to specific price points, based on particular line item criteria or product attribute criteria. Price Pipeline rulesets are very similar to standard price rulesets, except that these contain price pipeline rules instead of the standard price rules. A price pipeline ruleset can contain one or more price pipeline rule entries and it can be dimensional, which employs a similar concept as Price Matrices. You can apply line item pricing adjustments as well as summary pricing adjustments. 

To create a price pipeline ruleset

You must have an existing price list.

  1. On App Menu, click Conga CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin UI tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Pricing menu, click Manage Price Pipeline Ruleset.
  3. Click New Price Pipeline Ruleset.
  4. Enter details in one or more of the following fields, as required:

    Price Pipeline Ruleset NameEnter a mandatory price pipeline ruleset name and a mandatory sequence in which the system will evaluate multiple rulesets. Typically, you will perform line item adjustments first and then any summary adjustments
    Is ActiveSelect this to set the ruleset as active.
    Enable CurrencySelect this to enable currency for the Price Pipeline Ruleset.

    Select the currency for the Price Pipeline Ruleset.

    If the Price Pipeline Ruleset and a line item have different currencies, CPQ applies the currency conversion rate (defined at Setup > Company Profile > Manage Currencies) when applying the rule adjustment.

    Short DescriptionEnter a description for the ruleset.
    Effective DateNot required as long as the Price Pipeline Ruleset is Active, but can be used for promotional rules, and more.
    Expiration DateSelect an expiration date.
    Price ListSelect a price list. The ruleset will only source product prices with the selected price list and then apply adjustment criteria.
    Product CategorySelect a category. The ruleset will only source product prices within the selected category.
    CategorySelect All, Agreement, or Proposal. This indicates if the ruleset is relevant to Agreements, Proposals, or both.
    Application Level

    Select a level to which this ruleset will be applied. The supported values are:

    • Line Item: Selecting this will apply the line item adjustment within the line item net price in the shopping cart.
    • Bundle: Selecting this will apply the adjustment to a bundle and its options and the adjustment is displayed in the Totals tab in the shopping cart.
    • Aggregate: Selecting this enables the Application Method field.
    Application Method

    This field is enabled if you selected Aggregate from the Application Level drop-down list. This indicates that you want the adjustment to select products in aggregate but apply an adjustment as a summary line in the Totals tab or spread the adjustment over numerous products. The supported values are:

    • Apply to Line Items: Applies the adjustment to line items on the cart.
    • Create Summary Lines: Applies the adjustment as a summary line in the Totals tab on the cart.
    Enable Date RangeSelecting this enables you to set the effective date and expiration date on the rule entry.
    Product FamilySelect the Product Family. This is the Product Family field on the products object. The ruleset will only source product prices with the selected Product Family.
    Product GroupClick to search and select a custom product group to the ruleset will apply the pricing adjustments. These custom product groups have no relation to a category, a Product Family, or any other product designation.
    Charge TypeSelect a charge type to which the ruleset will apply adjustments.
    Ruleset Criteria

    Allows you to set criteria for a line item rule or a bundle, depending on the Application level you have selected, such that the ruleset only applies when it satisfies a line-level field value or a product attribute value. Click the icon to fill in your criteria.

  5. Click Save.

By filling out these criteria, the source products and prices are then designated and the ruleset can apply adjustments through price rules.