This scenario guides you to generate a Quote/Proposal document based on the information you provided.

After the quote is finalized, and if any approval processes have been configured in your organization, the Approval Stage changes to Approval Required. As soon as the Approval Stage changes, the Submit for Approval button becomes available and you can submit the Quote for approval to management. For an overview of the various Approval stages, see Approval Stages.

After the quote is approved by an approver, the Approval Stage changes to Approved. You can now generate a proposal document to present to a trading partner. When you initiate the Generate action, a screen appears allowing you to select additional information about the document to be generated. Additionally, if document protection has been enabled, a document can be generated with the appropriate protection options.

To generate a proposal document

You must ensure that the Approval Stage is Approved.

  1. Click Generate to generate a Proposal document.
  2. From Options > 1. Select Output Format, select one of the following formats:
    • DOC: To generate an MS Word document.
    • RTF: To generate a proposal document in Rich Text Format.
    • PDF: To generate a PDF protected proposal document.
  3. Select a template from the list.
  4. Click Generate
    Click Submit, if you have a large quote. Such document generation takes more time and you must refresh the page to see the generated document.

    The Submit button is only visible if the Large Document Generation is configured in your org by the admin. For more information, see Configuring Document Generation for Quote.

The proposal document is generated and can be found in the Notes and Attachments related list. The proposal document is automatically attached to the Quote and can be viewed via the View action link. The Approval Stage changes to Generated.

You can now present the quote you generated.