This section describes guidelines for CPQ configuration. CPQ performance is impacted when the guidelines are exceeded.

These are general guidelines recommended by Conga. You must test in your org to determine an optimal limit for your implementation.

Maintenance Batch Job
Number of Product Hierarchy View records for a single category, to execute Category Maintenance Batch job30000


Maximum number of line items to be selected for mass actions on the cart (using the Max Allowed Lines For Mass Actions setting)

The default value for selecting the line items for mass action is 10. When you enable the Perform Mass Actions in Parallel custom setting for selecting a large number of line items on the cart for mass action, the Max Allowed Lines For Mass Actions custom setting is overridden.

Number of columns in the Cart page10

Number of actions in constraint rules10
Number of rules associated with products in any leaf category 1000
Number of conditions in each constraint rule10
Number of rules for each category1000
Number of rules for each bundle or options 


Number of assets and service bundle for each constraint rule1000

Number of levels in a category hierarchy3
Number of subcategories10

Product Groups
Product Group Members for each Price List10000
Number of products for each product group200
Number of Product Groups a product can be associated with200

Option Groups/Bundle Structure
Number of options for each option group1000

Nested bundle structure

You can have a bundle > subbundle > option.



Number of attributes

To overcome the 800 field limit of Salesforce on the Product Attribute Value (PAV) object, CPQ provides three PAV extension objects. You can create 800 attributes in each of these out-of-the-box PAV extension objects.

CPQ does not support custom PAV extension objects from the CPQ September '22 release.

Number of attribute value matrix entries10000

Number of price dimensions4
Number of matrix entries for each price list item1000
Number of price rules entries500

Number of Price List setups in an org

When customer-specific pricing is required, use contractual price list instead of standard price list.



Number of approval steps

In Salesforce Admin setup, you can configure 100 approval steps (with a combination of standard steps and approval rules).

In Salesforce runtime, you can submit, approve, or reject 350 approval requests simultaneously.