The Conga Promotions package is available as an add-on with the CPQ license and package.

With the Conga Promotions package, you can incentivize the sales of products in your inventory. Promotions add value to product through discount pricing and add reward for purchase. Promotions provide value for money for your customers and contribute to better sales for your organization.

If you are a marketing manager or are responsible for promoting some products over others, you use historical transaction and sales data to create promotions. You can use promotions to:

  • build traffic to the storefront
  • create extra interest in product offering
  • introduce new product, generate trial, or increase penetration in a specific market or segment
  • increase sales of products during down-period
  • provide competitive pricing to products during heavy competition
  • increase revenue margins
  • enhance customer retention
  • clear stocks of a product that is about to reach end-of-life
  • sell excess Inventory
  • motivate staff

A promotion is a marketing technique that you apply to reduce the list price of a product or a service. A promotion consists of all non-tech activities that marketers use to try to increase sales over a specific period of time. You can create such promotions and restrict their scope, limit, and benefits so that your sales representatives can apply promotions to specific products, for specific customers, and for a limited period.

For more information on how promotions work, see the Promotions Workflow.