An opportunity can have multiple quotes, but it can only sync with one quote at a time. The sync process looks for Quote/Proposal records where the Primary field is marked as true.
To ensure that only one Quote/Proposal is marked as Primary at any time, CPQ provides a Make Primary action button. The button is conditionally displayed on a Quote/Proposal page if:

  • There is an Opportunity related to the Quote/Proposal
  • The Quote Proposal is not already marked as Primary

The first Quote/Proposal created on an Opportunity is automatically marked as Primary. When the Make Primary action is invoked with the button on a Quote/Proposal, the Primary checkbox on any other Quote/Proposal related to the same Opportunity is unchecked.

When a second Quote/Proposal is related to an Opportunity, it must be made Primary before configuring and finalizing products.

To make a quote as primary

You must have an existing non-primary quote/proposal created from an opportunity.

  1. Go to the required quote.
  2. Click Make Primary. The Make Primary page is displayed.
  3. Click Continue to make the quote as primary.