The Contract Term feature is supported only through Proposal.

As a sales representative for a company that sells subscriptions, you may have to uplift and discount the subscription multiple times during its life cycle. Because of such change operations, the net price of the subscription changes, but the contract price remains the renewed value so there is a difference in the asset net unit price and contract net unit price. Due to such operations, sometimes you get higher asset net unit price and lower contract price, or lower asset net unit price and higher contract price. You can renew the subscription for the total contract value or its annual contract value depending on the business case. CPQ loads the asset line with base price as defined by the Base Price Defaulting Method For Renewal setting. For more information, see Configuring Custom Settings.

You can provide discount on the subscription for a value greater than the current net price of the subscription (post a renewal and upgrade operation). CPQ can calculate the discount from the start date of the current contract term (not the original start date of the asset), if the Apply Adj To Current Contract Term setting is enabled. If Apply Adj To Current Contract Term is False, after deep discount, both asset and contract term will start from the original start date. If Apply Adj To Current Contract Term is False and if the customer has a deep discounting use case (discount an amount > net price but < asset TCV ), the recommended best practice is to not expose the contract fields (Current Contract Start Date, Current Contract Term, Current Contract Value, Current Contract Unit Price) on the termination UI. These fields will reset to the original term after a deep discount and the values will be repetitive. Apply Adj To Current Contract Term is a global flag. The value of this flag must be either TRUE or FALSE throughout the cycle of asset. You should not switch this flag during asset operations.

CPQ does not apply delta price adjustment on a subscription if the bundle price becomes the price from PLI after you change an attribute.

Delta price adjustment must be applied only on bundle line.

Delta price adjustment is not applied to a one-time bundle line (new or existing) even though the Enable One Time Change is set to True.