You must revalidate your saved quote for the product structure changes by clicking Revalidate. Saved quotes created in the past might have a product for which structure, rule, or price has been changed. The changes like addition or removal of options in bundle structure. This can affect the validity of such a quote when you reopen the configuration. When you open such a saved cart, CPQ shows a message informing you that there are changes to the products in the cart that must be revalidated. Upon clicking Revalidate, CPQ displays a popup listing the products that are changed.

The products on the revalidation popup are grouped into the following sections:

  • Product Structure changes: Products in this section upon revalidation are marked as Pending Configuration and you must reconfigure such product before proceeding.

  • Pricing Changes: Production in this section upon revalidation are marked as price pending and must be repriced.
  • Changes provided by the Revalidation Callback:  Products in this section are sent to the Revalidation Callback to be revalidated using custom logic defined in the callback. For more information on the callback, see Revalidation Callback Class 

    If the product is part of a collection, the revalidation is applied to the entire collection.

Revalidation is of the following types depending upon the changes made to the product:

  • Hard: CPQ forces you to revalidate the cart while disabling all actions except Save, Quick Save, Abandon, and Close.
  • Soft: CPQ displays a warning on finalize.

The following table describes the changes and type revalidation action you must perform.

ChangeRevalidation TypeNotes

Major product version change

HardFor example, changing the Product Version from 1.00 to 2.00 
Minor product version changeSoftFor example, changing the Product Version from 1.00 to 1.01
Inactive productSoftFor products that are not active after saving the quote, CPQ automatically deactivates the price list item and displays a message on the cart. When you revalidate, CPQ removes the product from the cart.
Inactive price list ItemSoft
Expired price list ItemSoft
Deleted price list ItemSoft
New price list itemNACPQ does not detect new price list items automatically. You must force pricing for that line item to see the new prices. For example, updating quantity.
Changed List Price in the price list itemNAYou must not change the List Price in a live price list item. Conga recommends creating a new price list item and discarding the old price list item

When you create a new or change the list of a price list item, revalidation is not required. You must reprice the cart manually to see the changes as CPQ does not automatically detect such changes in price list item for save quotes.

To revalidate the cart

  1. When you click Revalidate on the Cart page, a popup is displayed in which you see the products that are changed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Apply to accept the changes.
    • Click Cancel to proceed with the previous structure of the product.

You see the Revalidate button on the previously saved Cart page when the Admin has made changes to the Product Configuration and has updated the Version field of the product.

When you click Revalidate, CPQ shows No records to display a message in case if there is no change in the product structure.

Displaying revalidation messages

When a price list item for the bundle or options is revalidated, CPQ warns you with the message that some items may get changed upon revalidation.

CPQ displays the following revalidation messages based on the business scenarios.

For example,

  • When an optional product is removed from a bundle, the system shows the message:
    "Product Structure for the following product(s) has changed. Do you want to revalidate the product(s)?"
  • When a line item is expired, the system shows the message:
    "The following line items have invalid price list items. During revalidation, some items in the cart may change or be removed."
  • When a version is changed in the quote, the system shows the message:
    "Some items in the cart may have changed. Please revalidate the cart."

For more information, see Configuring Field Set Settings.