Using this feature, you can decide the sequence of the main categories. You can control the sequence of the category using the new field called Sequence on the Price List Category record under the Category. This helps you to customize and have a better control over the way your categories are sequenced on the Catalog page.

You must have categories created for grouping the bundle and standalone products.

To implement this enhancement:

  1. Go to All Tabs (), search for Categories and click on it.
  2. Select the main category you want to sequence.
  3. In your category record, look for Price List related list.

  4. Click Edit for an existing price list category.
    - Or -
    Click New Price List Category to create a new record for associating your category to the price list.
  5. In the Sequence field, enter the number in which you want to sequence the selected category.
    If you are creating a new price list category record, select the required price list.
  6. Click Save
  7. Perform the above steps for all the necessary main categories.

All the main categories will appear on the Catalog page in the sequence you defined.