For a finalized quote, a customer can choose to apply add-ons. The term,validity period, and pricing have to be recalculated after the quote is finalized, approved, and a subsequent proposal is generated. Use the Updating Quote Terms to achieve the scenarios highlighted.

The updateQuoteTerms API behavior is as follows:

  • Update the carts in Finalized or Ready for Finalization status. The latest cart from the quote in any of the two statuses are used as basis to updating the quote. 

  • Create a new version of the cart in case of Finalized cart and supersede the current version of the cart. The status of the new version of the cart will be same as the status of the current version of the cart. If the cart was in Finalized status, the new cart will also be in finalized status and system will update the "Finalized date" on the quote header. 

  • Auto-Synch cart line items with the Proposal Line Items. 

To synchronize cart and update quote

  1. Finalize the cart using the Finalizing the Cart API.
  2. Synchronize the finalized cart with the quote using the Synchronize API.
  3. Update the selling terms of the products associated to the quote using the Update Quote Terms API.