The Express Proposal feature allows you to generate and send proposal in fewer clicks. After you add and price the products in the cart, click Express Quote to finalize the cart, select a template, generate the quote and email the document to the customers, and mark the quote as presented. You can use the Express Proposal from Catalog, Configuration, and Cart pages by clicking the Express Quote button. Typically, you must finalize the products on the cart page, go to the Quote details page and complete the steps to generate the document first then present the quote to the customer. This feature allows you to complete all the tasks on one page rather than navigating several.

The administrator must add this button to the Catalog, Configuration, and Cart pages. Also, the Checkout popup is displayed only if the administrator has configured it. For more information, see Configuring Express Proposal.

Click the Express Quote button after you configure products and complete the pricing. If there are no warnings or errors, CPQ either automatically executes the tasks in the order shown in the following table, or displays the Express Quote popup listing the tasks mentioned in the below table depending on the feature's configuration.

Order of ExecutionTaskDescription
1Finalize the proposalThe proposal is finalized in asynchronous mode. You can track the progress of task completion using the Async Progress Tracker feature on the Quote Details page.
2Generate the proposal

The proposal is generated in PDF format only, using one of the following templates:

  • The default template defined in Default Email Template Name in Proposal System Properties under Custom Settings,
  • A single template filtered using query template filters for the quote specifically.
  • The template you select from the Checkout popup. 
3Email the proposalBy default, the email is sent to the quote owner. You can search and add more recipients from the contacts existing in the org. You cannot send the email to IDs that are not defined as a contact in the org. In this case, create a contact for that external ID first.
4Mark the proposal as presentedSelect the checkbox to change the status of the quote to Presented.

If the popup is displayed, click the Proceed button to  start tasks.

Do not use this feature:

  • To generate the document in any format other than PDF.
  • To merge the generated document with any other document.
  • If you require any approvals before finalizing the cart.