Before you upgrade to CPQ September '22 release, you must ensure the following:

The Conga Upgrade Program is an automated tool that upgrades packages available in your Salesforce org (Production or Sandbox) to the latest versions. In addition, It ensures all the Conga published managed packages are on the latest versions for the registered orgs. To register your org for upgrade program, see Registering for Conga Upgrade Program.

  • You go through CPQ Features by Release to know about the new features, enhancements, and deprecated features in CPQ since your existing release. After you upgrade CPQ to September '22 release, you cannot roll back to any previous release.
  • You have the supported platforms and system requirements
  • You have access to the Install Center on the Conga Community Portal.
  • You have administrator privileges to your Salesforce org.
  • You need not back up your configurations. All configurations you performed since you installed your existing release will remain intact after the upgrade.
  • You must delete the UsageDataJobScheduler job because it is no longer supported. You must delete this job once before upgrading to the September22.10.21 release or any succeeding release.

To delete the UsageDataJobScheduler job

Before you upgrade Conga Base Library for the September22.10.21 release or any succeeding release, perform the following steps.

  1. Go to Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs.
  2. Search for the UsageDataJobScheduler job, CPQ displays the status of the job as Queued.
  3. Open another instance of the org in a different browser tab, and go to Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs.
  4. Search and delete the UsageDataJobScheduler job from Scheduled Jobs. On the Apex Jobs page, the status of the UsageDataJobScheduler job now changes to Aborted.
  5. Install the package version| 3.238.2 or higher of the Conga Base Library package.
  6. After the latest package is installed, check if the UsageDataJobScheduler job gets scheduled again on both the Apex Jobs and Scheduled Jobs pages. If not, the latest package has successfully disabled the scheduling of this job and has deprecated it.