Mass update allows you to bulk update fields, such as quantity, adjustment type, and adjustment amount for multiple products at a time. You can mass update standalone, bundle, and option line items on the Cart page. You can manually select line items to mass update or select them using Advanced Filter on the Cart page. For more information, see Applying Advanced Filters on the Cart.

To mass update product fields

  1. From the cart page, select the desired product(s) and click Mass Update. 

    A counter is displayed on the Mass Update popup which indicates the total number of line items you selected for mass update.

  2. In the Mass Update popup, specify the desired value for the fields and click Apply

By default, you see the following fields in the Mass Update popup.

  • Quantity
  • Adjustment Type
  • Adjustment Amount

You can either specify the value for a field or select the Reset checkbox. Mass Update will override any existing user-entered value. If you keep a specific field blank and click Apply, no action is taken on that field. When you select the Reset checkbox, CPQ updates the field to its default value. Using Mass Update, you can update any line item field, including a custom field that is editable. You need to ensure that Allow Manual Adjustment for the corresponding PLI is set to True.

  • To customize the fields displayed in the Mass Update popup, admin can navigate to Config Settings > Display Column Settings. Select Mass Update from the Display Type, and ngFlow from Flow drop down.
  • You should not use Mass Update along with Multiple Adjustments.