When you define the scope of your promotion, you must include or exclude fields such as Region, Country, and Account, and Account Type, that impact the pricing of the purchase. You must define a Price Dimension of one or more of these fields in Salesforce that you want to include as a parameter to define the scope of your promotion.

For example, you are a marketing manager with an Online University. You want to roll out a promotion for prospective subscribers based only in the United States. Before you can define the Geographical scope of this promotion, you must create a Price Dimension for the Country object.

To create a price dimension for the Country object

  1. On App Menu, click Apttus CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Pricing menu, click Manage Price Dimensions. A list of existing price dimensions is displayed.
  3. Click New Price Dimension
  4. Enter the values for fields described in the following table.

    NameEnter a unique name for this Price Dimension.
    Context Type

    Select one of the following options.

    • Line Item - if this price dimension is only for the line item.
    • Formula Field - if this price dimension is based on the Field and Type you define below.
    • Child Filter - if this price dimension is based on filter criteria you define.
    Business ObjectLine Item (default)
    FieldThe field you select depends on the Context type. In this example, we selected Formula field and the objective is to create a price dimension for the Country field. The Country formula field for "Country" Price Dimension should point to the "CountryCode" field from the address as that is the field that has the pick-list associated with it. 

    Select from one of the following options:

    The field Type is related to promotions. Based on the selected value, CPQ creates a dimension type for promotion. For example, you can create a quantity-based dimension by selecting Quantity from the Type drop-down. 

    To set up values for the Type field, go to Setup > Create > Objects > Price Dimension (Apttus_Config2__PriceDimension__c) > Type (Apttus_Config2__Type__c) field.

    • Standard - for a standard promotion
    • Quantity - if the scope of your promotion is based on quantity
    • Term - if the scope of your promotion is based on the term of the subscription
    • Amount - if the if the scope of your promotion is based on the purchase amount
    • Equipment - if the if the scope of your promotion is based on equipment (Service CPQ)
    DescriptionDescribe the purpose of this price dimension so others in your organization can use it effectively.
  5. Click Save.

For more information on Price Dimensions, see Creating Price Dimensions.