In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the CLM June '23 release. For documentation updates, see What's New in CLM Documentation.

This documentation may describe optional features for which you have not purchased a license; therefore your solution or implementation may differ from what is described here. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE) to discuss your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependencies are required to upgrade to this release and use its new features. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Prerequisites for each feature can be found in its documentation. Packages marked (New) are new for this release.

You can register your org for the Conga Push Upgrade. Conga Push Upgrade is an automated tool that upgrades packages available in your Salesforce org (Production or Sandbox) to the latest versions. In addition, it also ensures all the Conga published managed packages are on the latest versions for your registered orgs. For more information, see Registering for Conga Upgrade Program.

PackageLatest Certified Version NameLatest Certified Version Number
Conga Base Library (New)4.1.245


Conga Contract Lifecycle Management (New)



Conga Content Integration 8.1.00208.20

Conga DocuSign API 

(Required if you are using DocuSign)


Conga CLM DocuSign Integration 

(Required if you are using DocuSign)


Adobe Sign 

(Required if you are using Adobe Sign)


Conga CLM Adobe Sign Integration 

(Required if you are using Adobe Sign)


CongaSign CLM Integration 

(Required if you are using Conga Sign)

For more information on installing CLM managed packages, see Installing Conga CLM. For more information on upgrading CLM managed packages, see Upgrading Conga CLM.

If you use CLM in Salesforce Lightning, you must enable the Enable Files Comply System Property.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms 

For requirements and recommendations to consider before installing the Conga product suite, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.

New Features

There are no new features in this release.


The following enhancements are new to Conga CLM in this release.

Temporarily Migrate Workflow Rules to Flow

As Salesforce is starting the process of moving away from Workflow Rules and transitioning to Flow, you can temporarily migrate Workflow Rules in CLM to Flow. In the upcoming release, Workflow Rules will be migrated to Flow automatically.

For more information, see Migrating to Flow

Run Clone, Amend, and Renew Processes in the Background

An admin can configure this feature when agreements have a large number of documents. When the value of the APTS_AsyncCloneAmendRenew admin entry is set to true, the cloning, amendment, or renewal process of an agreement happens in the background. Meanwhile, the user can continue to work on other agreements. The user receives an email notification after the cloning, amendment, or renewal process is complete. 

For more information, see Managing Agreement Lifecycle Post-Activation and Admin Entries.

Retry Failed Document Review

If a document review fails while merging the reviewed document with the latest document, you receive an email notification regarding the failed review. You can retry the review up to three times. If the review fails again, you can cancel the review and initiate a new review.

For more information, see Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review.

Document Type for Imported Document 

If you have an "Import Offline Document" field in the Wizard and use it to upload a document, the Document Type is marked as Agreement Document. If you have an "Import Supporting Document" field in the Wizard and use it to upload a document, the Document Type is marked as Supporting Document.

For more information, see Running Wizards in Lightning.

View Comments Icon

When you enter a comment for a field, you can see the comment icon. When you hover over the comment icon, you can see the added comment. For more information, see Running Wizards in Lightning.

View a List of Uploaded Documents

After uploading documents, you can see the number of documents uploaded beside Add/Remove Attachments. When you hover over Add/Remove Attachments, you can see the list of uploaded documents.

For more information, see Running Wizards in Lightning.

Set Default Value for an Input Field and Make it User Editable

A Wizard administrator can use the Set This Control Value rule for an input field to set a default value. When a user runs the wizard, the user can edit the field value.

For more information, see Configuring Step Input Rules from the Wizard Designer.

Removed Agreement Name and Type 

When you run a wizard, you cannot see the Agreement Name and Agreement Type at the end of the Wizard screen.

Mark an Add Attachment Field as Required

A wizard administrator can mark the Add Attachment field in the Import Offline Document object as required. When a user runs a wizard and the Add Attachment field is marked as required, the user cannot proceed to the next step without uploading a document.

For more information, see Creating Inputs from the Wizard Designer.

Data Model Changes 

The following objects and fields are introduced to or changed in the system or data model in this release.

ObjectFieldDescriptionSystem/UserNew/ Changed


DocumentReviewLevel__cStores the value of the review Level of the imported documentSystemNew


AgreementId__cAgreement ID of the imported documentSystemNew

DocumentId__cDocument ID of the imported documentSystemNew

DocumentName__cDocument name of the imported documentSystemNew

ErrorLog__c Error information while saving a field or clause to an agreementSystemNew

ExtractedData__c Extracted results from the AI provider for the imported documentSystemNew

MappedFieldClauseName__cMapped field or clause for the provisionSystemNew

ProvisionName__cMapped Provision for the field or clauseSystemNew

ProvisionType__c Mapped provision typeSystemNew

Resolution__c Resolution accepted for the errorSystemNew



Reviewed document submitted by the reviewer


Fixed Issues 

The following table lists the issue fixed in this release. If any actions are required, they will be listed in this table.

Case NumberConga Internal IDDescription

When a user uploads a 25 MB document to an agreement in Salesforce Classic and activates the agreement after switching to Salesforce Lightning, the agreement does not activate.

Resolution info: The APTS_AgreementDocumentActivateMaxFileSize admin entry allows you to increase document storage based on the Salesforce size limit. If the Salesforce storage limit for your org is increased to 25 MB or more, you must update this property to allow users to upload documents with the increased size limit. If the admin entry is not configured, the value is considered 5 MB. For more information, see Admin Entries.

Known Issues 

The following table provides the cumulative list of known issues up to this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription
CLM-8215Activity history is not recorded after sending documents for Conga Sign signatures.

You encounter an error when you click in the TO field while sending a document for review using the Safari browser.

Workaround: Use Chrome or Microsoft Edge to send documents for review.

CLM-7204If a validation rule fails, the duplicate agreement is marked as transient.
CLM-6792If you see the Import Large File button in the Additional Actions section of the action panel, you must not use it to import files. This option is disabled in Spring '21 release.
CLM-5367In the Console tab, when you click Cancel, the tab does not close while sending for signatures and sending for review.
CLM-5359When you choose any value instead of the first value in the wizard lookup field in Salesforce Classic, the value resets to the first value.
CLM-5988When you use a checkbox object field in input rules condition, checked and unchecked options are not visible.

If the Set This Control Value rule is set on an input field, you cannot modify the input in the wizard.


When you open a wizard in the Classic mode with rules on a Lookup field, you encounter an error.

CLM-5367The console app tab remains open on canceling sending for signatures and review.
CLM-5207The console app displays the Generate button even after the user has generated the document.

On Partner Community portals, when you try to upload an offline agreement or check in an existing template to agreements in FX2 format from X-Author Contracts, an error message is displayed for version-aware and non-version-aware files or attachment type document.

CLM-3212The Work Order custom object is not enabled for a template object of the Pre FX2 format.
CLM-3211Agreement flow does not work for Communities in the Salesforce Lightning mode.
CLM-2730In the Salesforce One app, when a user clicks the Agreement Actions from the Action panel once, the user stays on the same page. To go to the next page, the user must click twice. This is a Salesforce limitation for embedded Visualforce pages.
CLM-2690In the Salesforce One app, clicking the lookup option does not open a new pop-up window.