New Features and Enhancements

  • Conga Composer now supports the Use POST requests for cross-domain sessions setting in Session Settings for enhanced security.

Issues Resolved

Access to updates and fixes for Issues Resolved in Composer 8.20.251 requires administrators to upgrade to the latest Conga Composer package in the Salesforce AppExchange, Quandary 8.187.

  • A security update was applied to Conga Composer applications to ensure field level security settings are respected during all merge processes. Conga strongly recommends upgrading to the latest package of Conga Composer, Quandary 8.187, to mitigate potential field level security issues.
  • The Composer Lightning Component and Document Automation Wizard now support field references within selected fields used for Dynamic Template Selection. For example, users can reference a text field within a formula field, and then successfully use the formula field for Dynamic Template Selection. Previously, the Composer Lightning Component returned an error message upon merging when the Dynamic Template Selection field contained a field reference.
  • The Composer Lightning Component successfully uses the respective Composer Region to generate merged files. Previously, the Composer Lightning Component defaulted to the North American region to generate all merged files.
  • Users can successfully use the Search Related Contact field in the Composer Lightning Component to select a Contact record to associate with the merge process. Previously, an error occurred when attempting to select a Contact record in the Composer Lightning Component.
  • The following error message that occurs in the Conga Solution Manager is updated to correct a previous spelling error: You are not authorized to view the necessary fields on the Weblink object.