In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the Contract Intelligence May22.09.21 patch release. For documentation updates, see What's New in Contract Intelligence Documentation.


This documentation may describe optional features for which you have not purchased a license; therefore your solution or implementation may differ from what is described here. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE) to discuss your specific features and licensing.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms 

For requirements and recommendations to consider before installing the Conga product suite, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.

New Features

There are no new features in this release. Keep checking the Conga Documentation Portal for new updates.


There are no enhancements in this release.

Fixed Issues 

The following table lists the issues fixed in this release. If any actions are required, they will be listed in this table.

Case NumberConga Internal IDRelease Notes Description
N/ACCI2X-2013Users receiving 500 error on verified extraction.

Customer can search and view contracts, but cannot upload documents into Conga or open folders.

N/ACCI2X-2007Hash values injected into Termination Notice and Expiration Date fields instead of the extracted date values.
N/ACCI2X-2006Extracted expiration dates do not appear in the Insights search table.

Known Issues 

The following table provides the cumulative list of known issues up to this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription

For a collaborator-level access, the documents stage does not display the Extract and Verify option when a single file is selected.


User-generated labels disassociated from documents remain as options in the documents.


The User Tag icon does not appear consistently next to tagged documents/file names/URLs.


Valid keyword searches do not produce search results from uploaded documents. 


Customer cannot view, edit or add user tags to several documents.


The User Access button in integrations does not work. The admin cannot add a user.

CCI2X-1931Users can see (but not access) files to which they should have no visibility. 
CCI2X-1908Party name dropdown shows parties and other entities separately. Change dropdown to show one name per subject, whether or not it is a party or other entity.
CCI2X-1907Product is unstable. Pages take too long to load. UI is inconsistent.
CCI2X-1887Document Stage CSV export does not work in parity with Insights CSV export.
CCI2X-1879Search is case-sensitive. Change to case-insensitive.
CCI2X-1864Customer cannot select specific text in document when part of the text is annotated and highlighted.
CCI2X-1839Customer searched labels with the exclude option and found one document with no labels, but saw more documents with no labels in the Documents Stage under "Store Only."
CCI2X-1837The number of store-only documents listed in the summary view and the InSight view do not match.
CCI2X-1679Customer cannot move NDA files to NDA folder.
CCI2X-1658Anchoring feature in the User Tag section does not work properly.
CCI2X-1610If a field is mapped but the mapping is unselected, then the field is not shown for other mappings.
CCI2X-1592Customer is experiencing failures on large uploads. 
CCI2X-1570Files uploaded in landscape page layout do not correctly OCR.

Workaround: Rotate document to portrait page layout in Acrobat (or any other PDF tool) before uploading to CCI.
CCI2X-1528User cannot rotate a document in the document viewer, as was possible in the 1.0 version of the product.