Release notes for Conga Contracts 9.3.5


Issues Resolved

  • When you ran a search and viewed the search results, there was a bug where the search results tab displayed the incorrect number of results. These results did not match the total count number displayed in the bottom right corner, and the page numbers were also usually incorrect. A fix was implemented so that search result numbers and page numbers now display properly.
  • When you ran a search and rearranged or resized the columns in the search results grids, these changes were not saved if you navigated away and returned to the page while using Firefox as a browser. A fix was implemented so that your column configurations in the search results grids now save as expected if you use Firefox.
  • A fix was implemented so that when you run a search > view the search results grids > click on the three dots beside any of the three available search results tabs, the names of the columns available to sort are now displayed in alphabetical order so you can easily select the column you're looking for.
  • When you created an Additional Form > added a Currency Field with at least two decimal places > Created a Search Query > set Result Type to: (Company > Contract > Additional Form) > added columns, including the Currency Field on the Additional Form, and exported to Excel, there was a bug where the decimal places were truncated in the Excel file. A fix was implemented so that decimal places now display as expected after exporting to Excel.