Release notes for Conga Contracts 9.3.6


New Features and Enhancements

  • Search Grids Fields Enhancements. The following fields are now available to add to your search results grids:
    • Company Tax ID
    • DUNS Number
    • Company Website URL
    • Company Description
    • Company Created On
    • Last Updated By
    • Is Legal Entity?
    • External ID
    • All Additional Fields

Issues Resolved

  • When you created or used a Flow Template that had as least one Action step, (for example: General or Approval), and started a Flow on your Contract Profile, the Duration of how long the Flow was active displayed incorrectly under Flow Activities. A fix was implemented so that the Duration now correctly displays how long as Flow was active.
  • From the Navigation Toolbar, when you ran a Search > clicked on the Documents or Company tab in the results > and selected Export to Excel, you could not sort numbers from highest to lowest because the values were returned as text instead of numbers. Currency values with decimals and dates also displayed incorrectly. A fix was implemented so that whole numbers, currency values, and dates now display correctly when you export to Excel and are sortable.
  • When you attempted to Approve a submitted Request, the Conga Contracts application was intermittently stuck on the "Please wait" message with a loading icon. A fix was implemented to correct this issue.
  • When you navigated to the Contract Profile > set Term Type to Auto-Renew Auto-Advance > filled in any required Terms and Renewal fields > selected an Active Contract Status > clicked Wizard Tools > Renew Contract > selected Current Exp Date > and entered Edit mode on a Contract Profile to change the Contract Status to Inactive, the Current Exp date was reverted it is original value. A fix was implemented so that the Current Exp date keeps its most recent value as expected.
  • When you navigated to Tools > Search Query > set a Result Type to Company > Contracts > Documents > set Criteria to Company > Contract > Document > File Name = Not Empty > executed the query and clicked on Bulk Download Documents, the progress bar completed but the .zip file didn't download. A fix was implemented so that a .zip file now downloads as expected.
  • We implemented a fix so that when certain scheduled reports in the BI Toolbox run, they no longer return without any data.