Release notes for the Conga Grid Spring '20 Release
Note: The Conga Grid Spring '20 Release is only available in sandbox orgs until June 17th, 2020. On June 17th, 2020, the Spring '20 Release will be available for both sandbox and production orgs.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Lightning Components in the Reading Pane
    • Use custom or managed Lightning Components and Lightning Web Components in a Conga Grid's Reading Pane to provide users access to all the tools and data they need in one spot.

  • Bulk cancel Conga Sign Transactions in Conga Grid
    • A new action in Conga Grid is available that allow users to cancel Conga Sign Transaction in bulk.

  • Administrators can now disable specific Export To output options in the Export menu. For example, an administrator can disable the option to export to Excel and still provide users the option to export to CSV. Previously, administrators only had the option to disable all Export To options.

  • Conga Grid now uses Salesforce API version 48.0
    • This API version supports all of the latest Salesforce objects. Users can now use Grid with all objects supported in the Salesforce 48.0 API version.

Issues Resolved

  • Custom time fields are now editable and display the correct time in Conga Grid. Previously, custom time fields did not display the correct time field value in Conga Grid.

  • Conga Grids created from the Conga Contracts template in the Conga Grid Quickstart wizard successfully display the Redlines reading pane. An error previously occurred when attempting to access the Redlines reading pane because the related Visualforce page was not created.

  • The Create a Conga Grid View function in the Conga Grid Quick Start wizard successfully creates new Conga Grids. The wizard previously displayed the loading icon, but did not create the Conga Grids as expected.

  • Excel columns are no longer misaligned when using the Export To function to export a Grid a grid with Record IDs. Columns in the exported Excel file are correctly labeled and aligned for each record.

  • Users cannot save edits in a Conga Grid when the EnableEdit function is set to false in the grid's associated Visualforce page. Previously, users could still save changes in a grid when the EnableEdit function was set to false.

  • Editing parental fields that are frozen in a Conga Grid no longer causes Conga Grid to flag the record. Edits to frozen parental fields in a grid are now successfully accepted.

  • Users can successfully apply filters to parental multi-select picklist fields in a Conga Grid. Previously, filters applied to parental multi-select picklist fields were not respected in grids.

  • Reordered mulit-select picklist fields successfully display field values in the most recent field order in Conga Grids. Previously, the field values were displayed in the original field value order, as opposed to the most recent.

  • The field indicator checkbox (that signifies a field is selected and displayed on a Conga Grid) now accurately displays the fields selected in a lookup object's field menu. The field indicator checkbox previously did not indicate when a field was selected from a lookup object.

  • Records are successfully filtered and accurately returned when changing the specific date used in the Last n Weeks filter to a new value. Previously, when changing the date value used in the Last n Weeks filter to a new value, no records were returned even if some records fulfilled the filter criteria.