Conga Orchestrate 13.113.63 Release Notes.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Definitions are now easier to migrate.
    • The Import/Export tool is enhanced to account for all lookup fields in the Capture Object Information section of Process Steps. There is new advanced logic that reconciles record IDs to accurately replace source record IDs with target record IDs. For example, all Managed Clause, Clause, and Clause Bundle records are successfully matched with the appropriate record when imported if a corresponding record exists.
  • Conga Orchestrate Permission Sets
    • The Permission Sets are updated and improved to allow administrators to more easily distribute the proper access for users to run Conga Orchestrate.
    • Necessary Apex classes for Orchestrate are added to the Orchestrate Standard and Administrator permission sets. Unnecessary Apex classes are also removed.
  • Error Handling and Debugging
    • Conga Orchestrate now has advanced error alerting to alert the Product Team of potential issues more quickly.

Issues Resolved

  • An error message no longer occurs when a Salesforce user changes the Status field on the Contract Agreement record to match the running Definition's criteria.
  • Improvements are made to the Clause Bundle Step Type.
    • Intermittent failures no longer occur with the Clause Bundle Step and Clauses are successfully added to a record when the step is completed.
    • Managed Clauses in Clause Bundle Steps with re-evaluation rules are no longer deleted upon re-evaluation when the criteria does not match. Clause Bundles Steps now create tasks for Stage Completion to resolve the previous issue.
  • Issues no longer occur intermittently when using a Definition to kick off another Definition.
  • An issue that displays the wrong date no longer occurs when calculating the Due Date field on a Step.
  • When selecting Definition Criteria that reference the Account or Contact objects, it previously only displayed the field name and did not allow users to select the Operator or Field Value. Users can now successfully select Operators and Field Values in Definition Criteria for Account and Contact objects.
  • The First Match Only checkbox field defaults to True and is uneditable when Step Creation Conditions have fields referenced through drill up or drill down. This update prevents issues with the duplication of Steps and Field Update Steps from inserting two tasks.
  • Execution Queries running in the background no longer check for field level security. This change reduces sporadic query error messages.
  • Managed Clause Steps successfully complete a Stage when all criteria are fulfilled. There was a previous issue where Stages with Managed Clause Steps did not complete as expected.
  • The Time and Date is now calculated properly on Steps. Previously there was issue resulting in improper Time and Date calculations on Steps.
  • SOQL Query errors no longer sporadically occur when a user completes a Step object on a Process Object.
  • Stages now successfully complete when users skip Steps, loop back, and skip the same Steps again. Previously under the same circumstance, the Stage did not complete.
  • An error no longer occurs when referencing a lookup field on an object through a lookup field on a Process Object in a Step Creation Condition. This use case previously generated the following error message: Field does not exist on the selected object.
  • Delayed Steps and Event Placeholders have updated coloring and an outline is added to Criteria Steps in the Process Visual view to enhance the user experience.
  • Case Steps successfully display on the Auto Close page and are closed with all other Steps. Case Steps were previously not displaying and completing, which resulted in the Process Object remaining open.
  • Rejected Approvals that in turn cancel other related Approvals do not complete Stages erroneously.
  • Conga Orchestrate setup no longer creates duplicate lookup fields to the Loop object on standard objects that already contain the lookup field.
  • The &Id merge field called in a Generate Document Step integrated with Conga Composer no longer merges the Id value twice. The merge field now successfully merges only one Id and works as expected.
  • The Business Process lookup and Client__c fields are no longer shipping with the Conga Orchestrate installed package.
  • Border lines are more appealing separation is added to the available picklist values in the New Step button on a Definition to improve the user interface.
  • Users in Salesforce orgs that have French as the set language can successfully save Definitions record. Previously there was an issue that did not allow the users to save a Definition record.
  • Generate Document step types using Composer integration successfully complete when kicked off by a Salesforce Flow. Previously there was issue that prevented Generate Documents from successfully completing when initiated from a Salesforce Flow.