Conga Orchestrate 13.113.76 Release Notes.

Issues Resolved

  • Salesforce orgs with French set as the org-wide language can successfully save Definition records. A previous issue prevented users from saving Definition records in orgs with French as the default language because of conflicts with special characters in a field name.
  • Improvements are made to Step Creation Conditions that reference a field value through multiple lookup fields. A previous Apex error intermittently occurred when going up multiple lookup fields to reference a field value for a Step Creation Condition in a Definition.
  • Users no longer see two options for the Drill Down functionality for a Step Creation Condition on the same object. There is now one Drill Down option for Step Creation Conditions on an object.
  • Users in orgs with My Domain enabled can successfully log into and configure the Conga Orchestrate Connected App. Previously there was an issue preventing users in orgs with My Domain enabling the Conga Orchestrate Connected App.
  • Caching enhancements are deployed to improve overall Conga Orchestrate application performance.
  • If a user completing a Clause Bundle step encounters an error, the error text is now written on the Task description that corresponds to the Clause Bundle step. Error message were previously not always associated to the related Task description.
  • Orchestrate no longer undergoes multiple batch jobs without resetting values between each run. Values are now successfully reset for each batch job.
  • Users no longer experience unexpected null pointer issues when completing Clause Bundle steps.
  • Document Generation steps that are set as child steps of Clause Bundle stages successfully complete. Previously, Document Generation steps set as child steps of a Clause Bundle stage did not complete as expected.
  • Managed Clause steps are now added with a status of completed in a Definition, as opposed to being added as open and then subsequently closed.
  • An error no longer occurs with field mapping objects from other managed packages in Conga Orchestrate Setup. Conga Orchestrate now successfully maps fields from other managed packages.
  • An Enhancement is made to the Import functionality that prevents errors from occurring when importing Definitions with many Managed Clause or Clause Bundle steps. Errors previously occurred intermittently when importing definitions with many Managed Clause or Clause Bundle steps